About Spoonjar

As everyone else seems to feel the urge to tell you guys a bit about themselves, we’re jumping on that bandwagon as well.

Let’s be totally honest here, Spoonjar was founded during a boozy night out in the pub, but as so many ideas that are alcohol infused don’t seem the best ones the following morning (Why did we do those shots? Who’s idea was it to buy a palmtree for the balcony? Did we really book that three week holiday to Slough?) Spoonjar was different and it stuck.

Slightly hungover yet buzzing, we decided to set up our own business, selling stuff we would buy for ourselves, or as gifts for our family and friends.

It’s only the two of us for now, Richard - the creative geek, and Susanne - the brain behind it all. It would be rude not to mention our two adorable cats, Sophie - box testing manager and Iris - Assistant box testing manager. But in all fairness, they are not the best workforce we could wish for.

We often get asked about the origin of our name. The answer is not very glamorous. We were aiming for something short and sexy, something that would have a nice ring to it and something that would fit our quirky products.

Interesting trivia: The very first item we bought were the Nessie ladles.

Our approach was simple yet not very effective. Armed with a bunch of magazines that was supposed to brew some kind of inspiration, we sat outside in the sun (yes, sometimes the sun DOES shine in Wales) and Susanne began to frantically flip through the pages in search of the next big name. However, Richard rapidly getting bored with the process turned to his phone to watch Tommy Cooper videos (Just like that).

So there we had it, the brilliant Tommy Cooper and his infamous "jar… spoon… spoon… jar" gave us the idea for what we hoped would turn out to be a brilliant company. (Susanne eventually forgave Richard for being mildly uninterested in the woman’s magazines and apologised for all the silly ideas she came up with (although she still thinks browsewhileyoupoo.com was an amazing find and is kept on the list to use at a later date)).

This is us in a nutshell. We hope you’ll have an amazing time browsing and shopping on our site. We are very proud of it and we hope that shines through. If you have any questions about us, or our company, do not hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.